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Gypsy Rose, most trusted psychic, clairvoyant, tarot card reader, Sydney Australia.

More than 180 five star reviews across the web.


Q. What is a Lightworker?

A. A lightworker is a person who has chosen to be born with a knowing of wisdom. Abilities include being an empath, clairsentient. Meaning they instinctively have deep insight into heartache and despair. They shine a light in the word bring people from darkness to light.


Q.  What can I expect from a Psychic reading?

A. Insight, validation, guidance, empathy, spiritual guidance, positive outcomes, improved confidence, enlightened consciousness, empowerment, love, respect.


Q. How do I know if the Psychic is real or good?

A.  A real psychic dose not need to ask you questions. They will get to the heart centre of your problems, deliver your channelled messages with empathy truth, respect.


Q. What dose Psychic mean?

A. To be a psychic means that the person has the gift of inner knowing the events that have and are about to happen in a person’s life and what the outcome will be. The gift of seeing.


Q. What is Clairvoyance?

A. The ability to perceive beyond and invisible veil of information that most people cannot comprehend.


Q. What is Clairaudience?

A. Messages spiritually channelled through the reader that only she/he hears and interprets for the seekers knowing. They act as spiritual telephone.


Q. What is Clairsentience?

A. The reader is highly sensitive and feels the sitter’s emotions on a deep level, they have more empathy and understanding than other people.


Q. What is Psychometry?

A. It is the ability to psychically read a flower, a piece of jewellery or object that the seeker has been holding or wearing.  Aura colours can be included along with messages from Spirit.


 Q.  What is a Tarot card reading?

A. Many psychic readers use tarot cards for grounding and drawing the seekers energy into the deck to focus. Tarot cards sing to the sitter. Story telling correlating the past, present and future from the pictures and the meaning of each individual card.


Q. What is a Crystal Ball?

A. Crystal Balls are used to ground the sitter and draw energy from the universe The gifted seer will gaze into the Crystal Ball to visually see coming events. The seer will deliver the sitters reading with psychic abilities. A real Crystal Ball is cloudy and imperfect. And must be covered at all time when not in use.


Q. What is an Aura reading?

A. The energy field that surrounds a person and the colours that emanate within or around. The colours are then interpreted according to their meaning


Q. What is a Coffee Cup reading?

A. A small cup of Turkish Coffee “commonly used” is drunk by the seeker. The cup is then turned upside down by the reader, the residue from the bottom of the cup rolls down the inside of the cup, it is then turned upside down and the pictures, patterns, numbers and letters formed inside are interpreted into meanings and a story unfolds.


Q. What is Astrology?

A.  It is the study of star signs, stars, planets, the cosmos anything we can see from earth and beyond the galaxies correlated with numerology and science.


Q. What is Metaphysics?

A. The philosophy of understanding the answers to the meaning of life, what is beyond and why, how to be, how to feel here and now. The connection to oneness and all that is. Source energy. Truth of God.  Bliss seeking.  Wisdom of religions and I AM teachings. Trust in the law of abundance and attraction. Spirits having a physical experience. Knowledge of Ascended Masters, affiliation with higher realms and beings. Angels and Saints. Alfa and Omega. 


 Q. What is Spiritually?

A.  It is for all and all for one God. It is the acknowledgement that all things, human, plants, animals etc are of God, we are connected there is no separation. It is recalculating the meaning of life, the realisation of what matters most. Disassociation with the material. A desire for alternative lifestyle. Love of self and fellow man, appreciation for all that is, respect for the planet, life death, bliss. Abundance beyond Christianity. Illumination, enlightened consciousness.


Q.  What is Meditation?

A.  Withdrawing, cutting away stress, disassociation from troubling issues and ailments, letting go. Going within, drifting off, setting the mind free, healing the soul. Breath, visualisation, consciously floating, tranquillity, relaxation, harmony, inner peace, serenity, spiritually enlightening.


Q. What is New Age?

A.  A desire and thirst for knowledge and wisdom from all the above information collectively. Creative, truth seeking, mystic, crystals, gemstones, natural remedies, healing /techniques, herbs, aromatherapy, modalities, health, meditation, peace on earth.


 Q. What is a real Gypsy?

A.  A real Gypsy is nomadic by nature. Gypsies love musical instruments, song, laughter, and living life to the fullest. They will dance under thunder or rain. They usually marry and have their baby’s young; their offspring are often inherently born gifted. Gypsies are non- conformist and do not fit the conservative mould of society. A true Gypsy can take just about anything and turn it into something beautiful.

 History refers to Egypt in the 14th century as to the origin of Tarot Cards being used for card games.  Gypsies are renowned for embracing Tarot Card readings in their culture.


 Q. What is Magic?

A. Placing one’s energy into a desired outcome whilst using the natural laws and secret forces of nature. The five- song dance, music. Drawing elements. Energy uniting earth, air, fire water, spirit. Love myth dream visionary.



Q. What is Wicca/ Wiccan?

A.  A religion believing in the balance of all, yin and yang, the God and the Goddess. The Sun as God the Moon as Goddess. In tune with the natural laws of nature. Connected to earth, respect for the land, plants, animals, and natural healings. Reincarnation, Connections to the afterlife whilst maintaining a strong belief in making the most of the life we are having, less karma more prosperity, health and joy in the next. Sabbath rituals for appreciation. “Witchcraft” meaning “wise one” the old religion.

                                “an it harm none, do as thy will”

                      so mote it be, so mote it be, so mote it be 


By:  Gypsy Rose is Whispering Wisdom 

Australia’s most trusted, lightworker, psychic, clairvoyant, tarot card reader.

All rights reserved.

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